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Roadsoft 2021.6

Roadsoft 2021.6 Setup File

This is the full Roadsoft installer including SQL Server Express. This installer is silent install compatible.

PLEASE NOTE: All users connecting to a shared database must have their Roadsoft client updated to 2020.3 or newer.

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Roadsoft 2021.6

There is no update file for this release. Please use the full installer.

This is the latest Roadsoft update file.

Roadsoft 2021.6 Changelog
  • Culvert Module:
    • Updated/modernized the Print Culvert report.
  • Database Manager:
    • Fixed exception connecting to a non-TDG instance of SQL Server.
  • Drainage Network Module:
    • Fixed bug which would not clear a deleted structure from the map.
    • Fixed bug which would leave a duplicate record in Map Selection Info after editing the location of a Drainage Structure.
    • Fixed bug when editing location of a Drainage Structure which would error out and delete the structure if the user just clicked OK without changing anything.
  • Driveway Module:
    • Added option to apply Default values when creating Driveways.
    • Updated/modernized the Print Driveway report.
  • Filter Builder:
    • Fixed 'Maximum Recursion 100 has been exhausted' exception loading filter list containing a large number of saved filters.
    • Fixed bug in Filter List where search would not properly limit the list based on the text entered.
  • Framework Migration:
    • Road Segment Migration Summary report and export now include Rating/Treatment History.
  • Guardrail Module:
    • Updated/modernized the Print Guardrail report.
  • Intersection Reports:
    • Fixed exception doing an export on the 'CSV of Intersection Inventory Data' report when a filter was applied.
  • Map:
    • Added support for using the mouse-wheel to zoom the map on the Add Point form.
    • Added support for using the mouse-wheel to zoom the map on the Add Guardrail form.
    • Added option to map Measure Tool to follow road segments for measurement.
  • Project:
    • Builder Added ability to view multiple projects on the map from the Project Reports form.
  • Point Pavement Mark Module:
    • Maintenance Work Type is now an editable lookup.
    • Updated/modernized the Print Point PMark report.
  • Road Module:
    • Updated/modernized the Print Road Segment report.
  • Sidewalk Legends:
    • Added Inspection Date and Inspection Year to Sidewalk Legends.
  • Sidewalk Module:
    • Fixed bug in Sidewalk Condition legend field which would not update the map correctly.
  • Sign Module:
    • Updated/modernized the Print Sign/Support report.
    • Fixed exception opening the module or making a selection when the selection includes signs on boundary roads on the north or west border of the jurisdiction.

If you are running Roadsoft or LDC 2017.x or earlier, or your basemap is Michigan Framework Version 16 or earlier, do not install or update to the new version of Roadsoft. Contact Roadsoft technical support at

Before Updating or Installing

  • Back up your data.
  • Prior to installing or updating Roadsoft/LDC, check your operating system version and SQL version for compatibility.
  • If you are in the middle of data collection, import any LDC data into Roadsoft.

Old Versions of Roadsoft

For older versions of Roadsoft (version 2017.x or earlier), contact Roadsoft Technical Support at