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LDC 2022.4

LDC 2022.4 Setup File

The full Laptop Data Collector installer.

This installer is silent install compatible.

LDC 2022.4 Changelog
  • General:
    • Updated to support Roadsoft 2022.4. Please Note: Updating LDC version older than 2022.3 will require a new export from Roadsoft.
    • Fixed issue setting Cloud Key from the Login Form (to download database) which would not save the cloud key to settings.
    • Fixed exception 'no such table: zlkFW_FIPS' opening an LDC database for a Township jurisdiction.

If you are running Roadsoft or LDC older than 2019.3, or your basemap is Michigan Framework Version 16 or earlier, do not install or update to the new version of Roadsoft. Contact Roadsoft technical support at

Before Updating or Installing

  • Back up your data.
  • Prior to installing or updating Roadsoft/LDC, check your operating system version and SQL version for compatibility.
  • If you are in the middle of data collection, import any LDC data into Roadsoft.

Old Versions of Roadsoft

For older versions of Roadsoft (older than version 2019.3), contact Roadsoft Technical Support at